"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Edgar Degas

Monday, February 2, 2015

Behind That Locked Door


What can I say about George Harrison's songwriting? It must have been quite a mixed blessing to be bandmates with two of the greatest songwriters who ever lived. He must have learned a lot from them but it was difficult to get songwriting space on the Beatles' albums. By the time they recorded their final album, Abbey Road, his contributions, Here Comes the Sun and Something, were as good as anything the other two were writing. They were as good as anything anybody was writing.

George's first album after the band split was the three-record set All Things Must Pass. It's brilliant, beginning to end. This is my take on a song that comes in the middle of Side Two.

Why are you still crying?
Your pain is now through
Please forget those teardrops
Let me take them from you
The love that you're blessed with
This world's waiting for
So won't you let out your  heart
Please, please
From behind that locked door?

It's time we start smiling
What else can we do?
With only this short time
I'm going to be here with you
The tales that you taught me
From the things that you saw
Make we want out your heart
Please, please
From behind that locked door.

And if ever my love goes
If I'm rich or I'm poor
Won't you let out me heart
Please, please
From behind that locked door?